Cut Your Ad Cost to Half by
Speeding Up Your Shopify Store

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If you want to keep visitors on your store,
do not let your bounce rate hit the roof.

If you do not handle this correctly, your bounce rate will increase. A high bounce rate is a dangerous metric. It indicates a visitor’s dissatisfaction with a website. It means they might not even wait until your website is fully loaded. They could exit your website without even looking at your offers.

If your bounce rate is high,
expect a higher cost per click.

If your bounce rate increases, the cost per click will increase. This makes sense. Ad networks interpret high bounce rates as an indication that your site is not relevant for the visitor.

As your ad costs rise,
your conversion rates will fall.

As your ad costs get higher, your conversion rates will go down. It is a simple law of math. ...basically, that is the perfect recipe for a store to fail.

It does not have to be that way

Find the most common Shopify speed mistakes and how to fix them.

My book, "What Your 1 Shopify speed mistake," will point out the three mistakes most Shopify stores are making. And I do not only show the mistakes. I will suggest different solutions for each of them so you will be able to fix the problem immediately.

Your page load speed will improve rapidly, so the page will load immediately, which will drastically reduce your bounce rate.

You'll see how quickly your ad costs can drop if your bounce rate is reduced.

Avoid losing visitors to your website without looking at your offer.

Find out the most common Shopify site speed mistakes and how to fix them.

In addition to decreasing the cost for a visitor, your conversion rate increases, so you make more sales by spending less.

Cut Your Ad Cost to Half by
Speeding Up Your Shopify Store

Find out what is slowing your Shopify store down and how to fix it for getting more sales by spending less on ads.

David Gero - Shopify Partner & Expert

I have been helping Shopify web store owners in more than 14 countries in recent years, and during that time, I have noticed 3 recurring Shopify speed mistakes.

This realization led me to create this ebook. If you follow the steps, you will know how to eliminate the top 3 common Shopify speed mistakes.

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