ATTENTION: Shopify Store Owners Who Want To Make Money In The Hungarian Market

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New App Helps You List Your Products Automatically On The Popular Site Arukereso Even If You Don’t Know How To Upload Your Feed And You Are Not A Programmer

You’re a smart store owner...

Are you looking for an easy way to increase sales in the Hungarian market, but you don’t know how? 

Are you tired of spending too many hours manually uploading your product listings with Excel? 

Are you stuck figuring out how to get your products to show up in the right category on Arukereso? 

It’s ok if you’re experiencing any of these problems, it’s not your fault. 

Shopify makes it difficult to integrate with Arukereso because of the way they export your product’s data. 

It can be so time consuming and confusing to figure out how to properly format and upload your feed — plus having to manually track and change your product CSV file — it’s almost not worth the headache. 

I ran into the same problem with my own Shopify store. 

Maybe you have thoughts like… 

“This is just how it is,” or “This problem is too complicated.” 

Or, “it will cost too much to pay for.” 

But that’s not true…

Let me explain.

One day, while talking to other Shopify store owners who had the same problems, one of them told me her story about her problems with understanding and uploading the feed to Arukereso... 

She checked to see if the Shopify store already had an app for that problem — and they did, many of them in fact. 

But here’s what she found out after trying some of them... 

Most other apps are either missing features, cost too much, or are not easy to use.

There’s nothing worse than paying for an app and spending all the time to learn how to use it only to find out it doesn’t do everything you need it to. 

And if you do find one that works — because it’s a monthly subscription — it eats into your profits every month for as long as you have a store, even during slow months. 

And the general purpose All-In-One apps are NOT easy to use — it’s confusing to figure out how to do this one task when there are so many options and settings.

Well — after months of frustration — she got tired of using the other apps and asked me if I could help. 

Of course I said, “of course” and went to work on it. 

The result is that we created a NEW app that does one thing — and makes it FAST and EASY!

*(Arukereso is a comparison site that had 13.6 million visitors in the month of August alone, and it is a ranked in the Top 10 on SimilarWeb)

Publish AND Update Your Products Daily on Arukereso...On Autopilot — Forever

What does that mean?

I’ll tell you... 

Imagine being able to connect to Arukerso in a fast and effective way. 

You won’t have trouble understanding and uploading the feed to Arukereso ever again. 

Your products will be listed exactly where you need them on Arukereso so that more people will buy from you. 

And it doesn’t matter if you’re not a programmer, don’t understand what XML is, or even hate using Excel… 

This new app was made to make your life easier because listing products manually over and over sucks. 

After you set up the app the first time, you never have to think about it again because it does everything automatically in the background everyday, for as long as you have a shopify store — even if you add new products to your store!

Product Passage is so easy to use — you only need ONE good finger — to type and click a button!

After you install Product Passage — and you set up your account on Arukereso — you can have the products in your store ready to be uploaded as fast as you can type.

How Does It Work?

1. Instantly Install Product Passage

As soon as you confirm adding Product Passage to your store and complete payment,  you’ll have full access to begin connecting your product feed to Arukereso.

2. Get Set Up In Minutes

You want to get started as fast as possible, so we made Product Passage set-up clear and easy. We also include a FREE video tutorial to walk you through all the steps.

3. Enjoy Profits on Autopilot

As soon as your product feed is connected to Arukereso, that’s it… You’re free!
Product Passage will take care of everything in the background for as long as you have a store.

Imagine saving all the time and headache of doing this — manually — all by yourself, over and over and over… 

Instead, you could use the time you save to 

People will want to know how you do it all while being a successful store owner. 

You’ll be happier and life will be easier — and your business will make more money.

What happens when you click the blue button

So, here is what happens when you click the blue button... 

When you click the blue button you’ll be taken to a Shopify confirmation page, you confirm your investment in your store, and then you can use the app instantly! 

Now, Product Passage is worth $960. 

But we’re not going to charge you $960. 

We’re not going to charge you $660. 

We’re not even going to charge you $360. 

We’re only charging you a one-time payment of $97. 

Not $19 every month — forever — costing you hundreds of dollars every year. 

One single payment and you’re free. 

Now — the one-time payment of $97 won’t stay this low for much longer. 

We continue to improve Product Passage to help more store owners — like you — to find the freedom to invest more time in the things you love while your store makes more sales on Arukereso automatically.

In fact, we’ve had a store owner say the price of our app is “too low to be true.” 

We’ve received emails asking if our app is a “real thing” because it is exactly what they needed. 

With more happy customers to support — and to keep the app updated and improving over time — we’ll increase the one-time price to make sure we still offer a great experience to our customers. 

We don’t know how much we will increase the price yet, but one thing is certain — the price will never be as low as it is right now. 

When you purchase Product Passage today, you won’t have to worry about paying more for it later — it’s yours to use as long as you have a store for one single payment now.

This is a great app! I had trouble understanding and uploading feed to, I am just not a programmer gal. This app just made our life easier and it helped to connect to Árukereső in a fast and effective way. Thank you for the development.

Set Vat, Delivery Time and Cost Once

You can set VAT, Devliery Time and Cost easily.

Select Collections to Upload to Árukereső

You can select which products you want to share with Árukereső by selecting which collection you want to export.

Product Type to Category Path

You can create a mapping between Product Type and Category Path. It means your products appear in the right place on the Árukereső.

We’re looking forward to helping you get free of this headache so your life can be easier knowing you’re making more sales from Arukereso on autopilot. 

And just to make it even easier for you… 

You get a FREE tutorial walk-through of exactly what to do after you purchase Product Passage so you can get started right now.